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Dream meaning of holding a snake in hand

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/10/2023

Dreaming of holding a snake in your hands means you are ready to tackle a tough situation you got in real life.

It also reveals you are getting rid of your bad traits or harmful behaviors.

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What does it mean to hold a snake in your hands?

Here are the different meanings for this dream:

You are taking control of challenging issues

Dreaming of holding a snake in your hands means that you are tackling your problems and personal challenges with fortitude, poise and full control of your fears.

Consider seriously this interpretation if the snake is venomous or quite aggressive and you were able to grab it without you being hurt so badly.

You are getting rid of your bad traits or habits

Dreaming of holding a snake on your hands reveals you are gaining control of aspects of you inner life that you wish to change or eliminate, such as your negative habits, shortcomings or defects. It is possible you really want to remove from your daily life an unhealthy diet, or your preference for sharing gossips or chitchat.

The snake can embody negative aspects of your own psyche that usually manifest in bad attitudes or reactions.

If in your dream you manage to capture the reptile, this can manifest that you are developing both your level of self-awareness to realize the things that are not positive in you, as well as the degree of control of your own impulses.

You feel greater confidence in yourself

The fact of capturing a snake in your dreams is something that is not common among dreamers, because it requires overcoming your fears.

This dream is indicating that you have the potential to face the problems that are worrying you lately.

You may be overreacting

If in your confrontation with snake, it turns to be quite easy to grab the snake and take control of it (the reptile does not harm you), it can refer to a personal circumstance in real life that at first seemed to be quite threatening or harmful but ended up being fine and easy. The problem didn’t get as complicated as you thought.

Simulation and evaluation of your reaction

Your dreaming mind may be simulating or evaluating your innate emotional responses to dangerous and threatening individuals or situations (represented by the snake). In this way, your mind can be preparing you psychologically for the moment you have to face a specific challenge or threat in real life: a rival, a job interview, an academic evaluation, or perhaps a surgery.


Holding a snake in a dream could mean that you are trying to do too many things at once and subconsciously feel that you are in danger of losing control.

Most searched dreams about holding a snake

Dreaming that you hold a snake with your bare hands

This is an excellent dream. Because reveals you are quite ready to take immediate action over your most urgent problems.

Dreaming that you hold a snake in bed

Dreaming that you hold a snake by his head while you are in your bed, it may indicate that you seek to solve problems with your privacy or with your intimate affairs.

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Dreaming that a snake bites me when I am lying on bed

If in your dream the mamba or viper bites you when you are lying in bed, it can offer at least two interpretations:

The first one has to do with your sentimental life. Having a dream that a snake attacks while you are lying down might be revealing some issues with personal matters that you usually keep for yourself; maybe you are having a lot of worries and feel that something bad might happen to you at any moment. You need to take into consideration the context of the dream to determine the integral meaning.

Dreaming that a snake bites me and I die

A dream in which a snake is biting you (and you die afterwards) might uncover the fact that you are falling into negative, dark or harmful emotions. It could also be revealing symptoms of depression.  

If in the dream the snake bit you and you lost your life, it means that a part inside you has died, such as, feelings and emotions towards someone; or maybe it represents a big personal plan or expectation that fails.

Dreaming of a snake biting my foot

A dream of snakes biting your foot offers at least two interpretations:

According to the first interpretation, this dream is uncovering the existence of certain obstacles (material or psychological ones) blocking you from getting ahead in your professional or personal life. 

In addition, the dream might be revealing that you are facing hurdles or roadblocks that all of the sudden . . .

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