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Your snake dream and the state of your relationship

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/28/2023

If you’re in a romantic relationship, a dream with snakes may be revealing at least one of the following situations:

It Reveals that there’s something you don’t like about your partner

Having interpreted hundreds of dreams with snakes I find that they usually expose the existence of attitudes, manias, behaviors or reactions in your partner, which cause anger and/or fear.

I have clearly seen the same situation in dreams of snakes in bed, particularly when you find yourself lying or sleeping with your partner. Also, in dreams where your partner throws a snake at you, as well as when it neither helps you nor protects you from the reptile.

As a support for what I mention, I want to show you a dream that I was asked to interpret:

“I dreamed of a snake coming out of my boyfriend’s mouth when he came to give me a kiss. He was not afraid of the snake, rather it was a neutral feeling of firmness in the face of it.

My boyfriend didn’t know the reptile came out of his mouth.”

It shows that there is something about you that is making your partner uncomfortable.

The particular thing about our dreams (and their usefulness too), is their ability to recreate with images, certain things that by their very nature have no visual form in real life such as our feelings, emotions, reactions.

Indeed, I have noticed that in several dreams the image of the snake symbolizes something uncomfortable or negative about you that is bothering your romantic partner. Like for example: your habits, your attitudes, your reactions, your ways of thinking, or some of your physical traits as well. He may be uncomfortable with one of your friends or one of your relatives, even more so if you spend a lot of time with them.

Dreams of snakes attacking your partner usually reflect that situation. Which is most clearly seen in dreams in which the snake begins to approach you but ends up attacking your partner.

It exposes how you deal with your conflicts in your relationship

Fight or flight? What was your reaction to seeing the snake?

Your instant response to the reptile may reflect the natural way you respond to your real-life romantic conflicts.

If your initial reaction in the dream is to run away from the snake, then you may try to avoid facing such disagreements in your relationship. Or maybe you’re one of the people who decides to ignore them, let them go.

On the contrary, if in the dream the first thing you do when you see the snake is to look for how to eliminate it, then it is possible that reflects your reaction when you find something you hate in your relationship: you discuss it or face it directly, at the very moment it is presented.

it may be Staging current or potential challenging scenarios in real life

In many dreams the snakes in your house represent the toxic influence or negative presence of meddlesome in-laws, brothers-in-law or gossipy neighbors.

One woman, who dreamed of a large anaconda slowly entering her house, told me:

“My husband’s mother has started to meddle in my relationship, I hate telling me how to treat my husband or how I have to raise my son!

We live in the same house and we are fighting, we don’t talk to each other.”

Author: Javier Fuertes

Dream Researcher. I have been helping people to understand their dreams since 2018. Love reading all kind of authoritative material about dreams analysis, like Freud, Jung and their followers; however, I learned more about dreams by helping my blog readers with the interpretation of their own dreams. I recently published an article in Leigh University and Brown University.