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Dream of jumping snakes

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/05/2023

Seeing a jumping snake in a dream means temptation, you are being lured by a dynamic and enthusiastic individual you cannot trust completely.

If you have this dream, in real life there is a situation in front of you that seems to be promising or tantalizing; however, there are details over it that make you feel a little bit skeptical or undecided.

Seeing several snakes jumping in your dream means you have to deal with voluble individuals, people who are known for changing their opinions or personal decisions quite often according to their interests.

If you see a snake jumping in one spot that is a sign that you are stuck in life and you don’t know how to get out of the situation you are in.

You know what needs to be done but you are stuck in the same spot trying to jump to a new area in life and right now in your life it isn’t going to work. There is too much going on.

Dreaming of seeing jumping snakes could be exposing the fact that you tend t a risk-taker and grab at opportunities before thinking of the consequences. You should be more careful.

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Dream of flying snakes

f you dream of flying snakes, it means you are harboring worries doubts, fears over receiving very unsettling news over your personal life.

If you see a snake flying on a dream, it may revealing that you are expecting that your current worries may worsen.

Flying snakes in dreams is a warning sign that something or someone is out of control in your life, perhaps a disturbing event is overpassing any limits allowed. In other words, it is likely an individual is breaching certain social conventions accepted by you and everyone else.

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Dream of a friendly snakes

Dreaming of Friendly snakes means you are getting in control over your own instincts, forces or internal impulses that very few people can exert. 

Having a snake acting very friendly towards you shows that you are gaining influence or authority over hostile or toxic people. I would also suggest that you are overcoming obstacles or possible betrayals.

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Dream of catching snakes

Dreaming that you catch a snake means that you finally are facing a very important personal matter that was being ignored or postponed in the past. It is possible that you have figured out the way to address and resolve your latent emotional conflicts, or maybe you are working on controlling some of your more nasty primary reactions to tough situations.

The dream may also suggest that you are no longer willing to keep tolerating an irritating or intimidating scenario or condition in real life.

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Dream of snake biting

If you have a dream that a snake bites you -or other people- read page snake biting dream meanings where you will find the meanings for the following:

Dream of snake biting your:

  • arm
  • back
  • fingers
  • foot
  • hand
  • leg
  • mouth
  • neck

Also, dream of snake biting your:

  • baby
  • boyfriend
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  • dad
  • daughter
  • husband
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Dream of snake throwing venom

This dream reveals that there may be strong harmful emotions like hatred, envy, or jealousy dominating your basic reactions.

Dreaming of snake spitting its venom on you suggests that there is a negative personal relationship, an influence or situation that is polluting your mind. 

It also uncovers your fears of being impacted by negative consequences or influences. Certainly, this dream can be expressing your concern of being exposed to a toxic environment. Pay attention to the negative things that have happened to you or the things you have been told in the last 24 hours.