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Flying Snake Dreams Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 11/13/2022

Dreaming of a flying snake means that you are going through a precarious situation and you feel that new problems may come to you at any moment.

If you dream of flying snakes, it means you are harboring worries doubts, fears over receiving very unsettling news over your personal life.

If you see a snake flying on a dream, it may revealing that you are expecting that your current worries may worsen.

Flying snakes in dreams is a warning sign that something or someone is out of control in your life, perhaps a disturbing event is overpassing any limits allowed. In other words, it is likely an individual is breaching certain social conventions accepted by you and everyone else.

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Dream of snake spitting venom

Dreaming of a snake spitting out venom on you means that you are being seriously affected by disturbing things happening in your life, such as, toxic personal relations, the loss of a person close to you, or any other current situation hurting you emotionally. Maybe you’re recognizing the existence of harmful individuals in your life.

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Dream of someone throwing a snake

Dreaming of being thrown a snake in my face reveals problemas, obstacles, suddenly happening to you.

In other cases this dream is revealing that you are being offended, humiliated or ridiculed.

This dream also indicates that the problems you were trying to avoid finally reach you. Your fears and worries are likely to happen at any time.

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Dream of being chased by a snake

Dreams of snakes or vipers chasing means you have so much anxiety linked to a state of emotional vulnerability. The dream could be displaying your worries about something bad happening to you, maybe you find yourself in a very delicate personal situation fearing that at any time you can get very unsettling news at any aspect of your life (family, job, friendships, business). 

It is possible that the snake in the dream is expressing your worries, fears and doubts due to an event happening soon which will expose an unpleasant aspect of your personal life, something you are not very proud of.

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Dream of black and yellow snakes

Dreaming that a black and yellow snake is biting you can indicate that fears or hesitations are diminishing or blocking your enthusiasm for something you are thinking or feeling towards someone.

It is possible you are harboring fear or doubts regarding the start of a big personal ambition or activity. Perhaps you are quite fearful of the results of this important decision.

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Are there flying Snakes in real life?

Yes. there are snakes who are able to fly.

According to one flying snake is (genus Chrysopelea), which is any of five species of nonvenomous snakes constituting the genus Chrysopelea in the family Colubridae. These slender arboreal snakes are found in South Asia and the Indonesian archipelago. They are able to glide through the air as far as about 100 metres (300 feet) from the tops of trees by drawing up their ventral scales to make their underside concave.

How far can a snake fly?

According to an article in how far they can go really depends on how high up they are when they jump, says Jake Socha at Virginia Tech, who has studied these snakes for almost a quarter-century. He recalls that one time he watched a snake start from about 30 feet up and then land nearly 70 feet away. “It was really a spectacular glide,” Socha recalls.