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Dream of Big Snake Python Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 08/25/2022

To dream of a big snake python is expressing your fear of total failure or losses that you are not able to avoid. It is possible you are quite scared of being in front of an individual who can beat you or impose her will over you.

This dream reveals you are dealing with a problem or negative situation that feels too strong to free yourself from. It is possible that you are very stressed due to a very demanding job or because you are drowning in debt.

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What does it mean to dream of Big Snake Python Meaning?

Dream of a big snake python is expressing your subjective perception about a current situation or scenario you are dealing with, for example: a family conflict that seems to be very problematic and complicated, a personal task that appears to be time-consuming, or any other issue that requires an excessive amount of effort and resources from you.

This dream indicates that you hate to interact with a person you dislike or fear. Perhaps you have to deal with an impulsive individual who is also intimidating and wants to impose something upon you. 

In some cases, dreaming of a python reveals your are scared of being “destroyed” by an individual who has authority or influence over you or people close to you.

Consider the possibility that the snake is representing a manager or coworker in your workplace, whose behavior or attitude is toxic and cold, characteristics usually associated with snakes.

A python may reflect you are afraid of dealing with an abuse of power over you or people close to you. Perhaps you hate to face a very harsh and hostile scenario in which you may feel weak, vulnerable or unguarded.

What does it mean to dream of snakes coming after you?

Dreaming that you run away from a big python shows that you have been ignoring or overlooking important things in your wake life. It is possible that you are procrastinating instead of addressing those issues with urgency.

Also, this dream reveals that you are dealing with a problem so overwhelming that you desperately want to avoid it. Perhaps, you are reacting with reluctance in the face of a current scenario that requires determination and toughness.

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What does it mean to dreaming that you are swallowed by a big snake python?

Being swallowed by a snake in your dream means that you are being taken by strong and toxic feelings or emotions, such as hate, jealousy, resentment, frustration.

Being swallowed by this snake means you are down-spiraling, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I strongly recommend you to take some time to reflect back and find possible causes of your current misfortune, so you can get back on track.

This dream may be disclosing a serious health condition that is getting worse. 

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What does it mean to dreaming of a big snake python choking you?

A snake choking you means a suffocating relationship.

A python asphyxiating you can be a dreamlike symbol for a sentimental relationship that completely absorbs you, or for a jealous partner who does not trust you and wants to know all of your actions. 

Even a family relationship with your mom or dad could be suffocating…think about heavy responsibilities and duties a family member could be loading on you.

How that makes you feel? suffocated? strangled?

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What does it mean to dream of big snakes?

Dreaming of big snakes means you feel emotionally vulnerable. That’s correct! having a dream of large snakes indicates that you find yourself emotionally diminished, overwhelmed or weakened by your current concerns; that is why you may be magnifying the severity of your problems or limitations. Perhaps you are exaggerating your impression and reaction to a new situation in real life that makes you feel uncomfortable; in other words, your insecurities are enlarging the size of the reptile.

It is possible that you are getting the impression that your personal obstacles in front of you outweigh your capabilities; that’s right, the dream may be exhibiting your weakness or fragility in the face of personal challenges. Perhaps you feel you are not ready to face the current issues in life.

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What does it mean to dream of a snake wrapped around you?

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you reveals a demanding relationship. Indeed, a snake wrapped around you could be considered as a dream symbol for a romantic relationship that absorbs you completely, or for an overwhelming responsibility which is taking all of your time and attention

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What does it mean to dream of snake attacking you?

Dreams of snake attacking you means you’re afraid of making a huge mistake.

Dreaming that snakes or cobras are attacking you means that there is a current challenge in waking life that you don’t want to face or solve in any way. Perhaps the dream is revealing that you are scared of a potential failure or a loss of control over your most important personal affairs; maybe you are afraid that your response to a personal obstacle (or your performance in an activity) won’t be good enough.

This dream may contain a message from your unconscious mind saying that your problems are becoming more and more serious and you shouldn’t procrastinate. 

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Dreaming of snakes in the house

Dreaming that snakes or other poisonous or harmful animals, such as spiders or rats, enter your home can indicate that you are exposed to bad influences, or that someone is bringing personal problems into your life; it can also imply that you are going through a process of acceptance or recognition of your bad habits or vices.

On the contrary, your desire to remove from your life those harmful elements is expressed through dreams in which you expel those unwanted animals from your house or, better yet, if you eliminate them.

Dreaming of brown snakes

Dreams of brown snakes, vipers or cobras might be announcing that you are having an intense desire to cleanse yourself of negativity. Perhaps, you are acknowledging the need for a purge of thoughts, attitudes, emotions or habits that you consider harmful or self-destructive.

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Dreaming of seeing colorful snakes

We may have dreams with a colored snake when in our real life we are facing situations or scenarios that capture our attention due to its attractive appearance but -at the same time- they may complicate our personal plans or daily routine.

It can also reveal a psychological state (such as a feeling, an emotion, an attitude) prevailing over other ones.

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