What was the size of the snake?

Dreaming of big snakes

The giant snake can be the image created by your dreaming mind to show the depth of your fears about your problems, conflicts, uncertainties or challenges.  

Dreaming of a large snake

The dream could be exposing the simple fact that you are afraid that a very important matter may get worse. 

The large snake may also reveal a circumstance or personal conflict in waking life that has grown excessively and is now disturbing the normal pace of . . .

Dreaming of small snakes

what does it mean dreaming small little snakes
Dreaming of tiny snakes

The small snakes in our dreams may express something about ourselves, something little and hidden that usually make you feel a little bit scared.

Also note that the small snakes in your dreams may represent some questionable decisions or small personal risks you’ve taken recently. In some cases, this dream could be pointing out that you have just realized the existence of certain details in your . . .

Dreaming of very long snakes

Dreaming of very long snakes or vipers would reveal the existence of difficulties -in waking life- with the potential to lengthen or extend in time or magnitude. It may also uncover some setbacks or obstacles which can trigger serious and prolonged consequences.

Remember that dreams always speak of your inner psychological world and that the snake can be the dreamlike expression of a negative trait of yourself. For that reason dreaming of long snakes could mean something negative in your life (a personal conflict, an illness, a period of depression) that has expanded, dilated or grown excessively, and now you are afraid that getting rid of it will take a a lot of effort and time.

Dream of a long black snake.
Picture by bgv23 via Flicker / CC BY

Dreaming of a very long snake can show your anxiety at the possibility of being involved in a stressful, overwhelming or suffocating circumstance, maybe a relationship. The reason for this interpretation is based on the fact that the longest snakes in the world are the anacondas and pythons, which are stranglers; they kill their prey by constriction (choking them) not by poisoning.

This dream would be indicating that the dreamer is facing an intimidating individual in real life, who threatens to dangerously overwhelm her personal boundaries.

Perhaps you are afraid that a troubling or stressing situation will persist much longer than you expected, impacting areas of your life that you considered safe and stable.

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Questions about your snakes dreams

What color was the snake?

Black, Black and White, Green,

Red, Red and Black, White, Yellow .

Where was the snake?

in the beach, in a car, in a tree, in the water, at my workplace.


~ In your house?

in the bathroom, on the bed, in the bedroom,

in the lawn, in the kitchen.

What was the snake doing?

Attacking you, Choking you,

Running from you,

spitting venom

Did the snake bite you ?

What was your reaction?

You cut it in half. You cut its head off.
Did you killed the snake? or Did it run away from you?
It was already dead?

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