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Small Snake Dream Meanings

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

what does it mean dreaming small little snakes

It means minor worries and pains.
Reveals risky personal decisions.

Dreaming of small snakes means small concerns

The small snakes in our dreams may express something about ourselves, something little and hidden that usually make us feel a little bit scared. Indeed, these creatures might be displaying our fears, worries or concerns that may grow and worsen over time.

The tiny snakes may also represent our personal mistakes, manias, flaws, which are precisely the things that make us feel disturbed or unhappy.

Dreaming of small snakes unveils your problematic choices

Also note that the small snakes or vipers in your dreams reveal questionable decisions or small personal risks you’ve taken recently; it seems that your dreaming mind -the maker of your dreams- generates the figure of this reptile to embody some personal choices that have the potential to get complicated or bring you greater problems.

The question here is: Aren’t you underestimating possible or future threats?

Dreaming of small snakes means potentials issues in your relations

In some cases, this dream could be happening because you have just realized the existence of certain details, quirks or subtleties in your relation with someone close to you (your partner, roommate, family member, coworker) that you find really annoying. Moreover, you may be afraid that these details might also generate disagreements or conflicts later.

Dreaming of small snakes reveals short and brief discomfort

Tiny snakes also mean discomfort in matters that you consider to be of lesser or minor value. Likewise, they can symbolize embarrassing situations that are not only brief or momentary, but also difficult to deal with and laborious to solve.

In the world of dreams these little creatures may represent something small in waking life that somehow bothers or worries you, but no yet to the point of causing fear or panic, as the presence of a large snake would.

Dreaming of a small viper means something triggering uneasiness

Think of a small snake as a metaphor for a doubt, a thought or a simple word causing you anxiety, mistrust, or fear. Perhaps, you’ve heard, noticed or seen something in real life that has left you disturbed, or maybe you have received a slight reproach or criticism that you can’t accept.

Perhaps you have sense of uneasiness for a condition that -you think- may get worse.

Dreaming of small snakes may reveal early stages of illness

Small snakes may be the symbol for the first ailments or symptoms of a disease. Maybe you should take that medical exam or start the treatment you’re putting off.

Dreams of small snakes may suggest that you should not wait until it is too late to address pending issues.

Dreaming of killing small snakes

If in your dream you easily kill tiny snakes, then think about the possibility that your dreaming mind is telling you – very subtly – that you should take care of certain personal matters you’re neglecting while they still don’t have the ability to unleash serious consequences.

Perhaps the message of your dream is: you should solve your issues or disagreements while they are still small and manageable.

Why do I dream of little snakes?

Here are some common situations that might provoke this dream:

  • Because you have growing concerns,
  • Because you may be procrastinating,
  • Because you have noticed flaws or defects in a relationship,
  • Because you have begun to feel remorse for bad choices taken.


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