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Snake bites my right foot -Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 10/11/2022

It reveals that you are having doubts about the right path or choice in life.
You have trouble deciding which steps to take.

Dream of being bitten on the right foot by a snake means that you are having questions or doubts about the right direction you need to take. Also, it is possible that you are wondering if you have started a personal project or business the right way, that is, with the “right foot”. 


Other authors consider that an injury to your right foot in your dream hints at the existence of issues with your moral integrity or your core beliefs.

This dream may be revealing your anxiety due to an abrupt interruption in your personal affairs or in a key activity in your family or work life.

The snake is likely to represent something negative and dangerous in real life that suddenly appears (usually the way snakes attack in real life) to disrupt your daily routine.

Indeed, this dream may be hinting at the existence of an unpredictable situation that suddenly – without warning – is imposed on you, a new event or circumstance that undermines your daily life.

If in the dream a snake bites your right leg and you are not able to walk or run, it may be revealing a loss of personal independence, or perhaps dissatisfaction with not being able to do your personal business for yourself, and need help from others.

The movement of your legs are the dreamlike symbol that represents the progress in an aspect of your life. A severe snakebite on your legs shows a deterioration in your ability to go ahead emotionally from one stage to another.

Here is a dream I want to share:

I dreamed that a coral snake bit my right feet, my mom showed up and killed the snake with her bare hands

The dreamer has the impression that she must follow her mother’s example: you have to force those who caused you harm (coral) so that they are the ones who pay the consequences, in order to restore the situation to its previous state.

However, it seems to me that you would be waiting for the help of other people in your family in order to solve your personal problems or obstacles in your real life.

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Dream of snakes biting your right hand

Snake biting your right hand means you are afraid of make a huge mistake. Also the dream is showing that you are quite nervous or worried of being really hurt for what other people can say o do against you.

That’s correct! the dream may be revealing an internal conflict inside the dreamer over the right or correct decision to take in a personal topic.

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Dream of snakes biting your leg

The dream shows your anxiety due to an abrupt halt in your personal matters or in a key activity in your family or work life.

It is likely that the snake is representing something negative and dangerous in wake life that comes from nowhere (usually the way snakes attack in real life) to alter your daily routine.  

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Dream of killing snake that bites you

Dreaming that you eliminate a snake that was biting you means that you really want to put an end to a situation you consider unfair or undue, something that threatens your normal rhythm of your daily life or what defies your personal values.

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If you have this dream, you probably got the impression of not going anywhere with your current job, with your career or lifestyle, or in your romantic relationship.