Dreaming that snake bites my foot

Last Update : September 24, 2020


It means that you are in need of emotional support.
Your obstacles look more difficult now.

If you have a dream in which a snake bites your feet it can offer at least three meanings or interpretations:

Dreams of snake biting my foot mean obstacles

The first interpretation considers that a snakebite in your foot points to the existence of problems, conflicts or issues that are preventing you from advancing in your professional or personal life. Indeed, this dream may be revealing obstacles or roadblocks that arise suddenly making harder for you to go ahead in life.


Dreams of snake biting my feet show lack of emotional strength

The second interpretation indicates that you believe you do not have enough emotional support or balance to stand for yourself.

Perhaps you are feeling impotent or powerless in front of a current scenario in real life; maybe you are lacking enough willpower to stand up to a challenging (or unfair) situation.

Dreams of snake biting my feet means doubts

According to the third interpretation, this dream is exposing doubts about your personal core beliefs, or a growing distrust of something in life that you consider fundamental in your (family) life.

It is possible that your are losing the confidence to stand by something you value the most, such as, religious, social or ethical beliefs.

Pay attention to this meaning if in the dream you got confused, disoriented or even stupefied due to the snakebite. Those are the same reactions experienced by people who become disenchanted with their previous beliefs or convictions in wake life.

Dreaming of a snake biting my right foot

It reveals that you are having doubts about the right path or choice in life.
You have trouble deciding which steps to take.

This dream means that you are having questions or doubts about the right direction you need to take. Also, it is possible that you are wondering if you have started a relationship or personal project properly, that is, with the “right foot”. 

Other authors consider that an injury to your right foot in your dream hints at the existence of issues with your moral integrity or your core beliefs.


Dreaming of a snake biting my left foot

This dream reveals serious problems with your motivation or with your desire to keep going with your personal projects. This interpretation may be linked to the fact that you may be missing the emotional (or material) support needed at this point of your life.

Maybe you are having seconds thoughts or regrets about a key personal decision you have made, a missed opportunity or a choice recently made.

Dreaming that a snake bites my toe

This dream can be interpreted as issues with your self-confidence or the sense of your own security.

Indeed, a toe is one of those dream symbols representing your sense of security and confidence in yourself. Dreaming that snakes attack your toe might be displaying some doubts on your abilities that give you the sense of stability in life.


Questions about your dream of snake biting your feet

What color was the snake?

How did the snake look like?

Where was the snake?

Snake in the house?

What was your reaction?

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