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Snake bites my right hand – Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 10/08/2022

Snake biting your right hand means you are afraid of make a huge mistake. Also the dream is showing that you are quite nervous or worried of being really hurt for what other people can say o do against you. It is possible you are expecting resistance or hostility when making a move in some aspect of your life.

That’s correct! the dream may be revealing an internal conflict inside the dreamer over the right or correct decision to take in a personal topic.


If you dreamt that a snake bit your right hand, it may be showing you fear of not being able to choose your emotions or basic reactions in face of a hostile environment or a challenging situation.

In some cases, dreaming that the a snake bites your right hand can uncover a latent remorse for the way you are handled something recently.

Here are several examples of dreams I have interpreted :

Dreams of snake biting your right hand

I dreamed that snake bit the palm of my hand when I was on the road.

A young woman had the following dream:

“I was walking with someone, and suddenly a snake bit the palm of my right hand. This guy I was with killed the snake and covered my hand with gauze, and we went on our way talking and everything was fine.”

In real life she was burdened by debt and her dream revealed her aspiration for someone to provide her with emotional or material support so that she can continue to move forward with her normal life. She longed for a solution to her economic problems that did not allow her to handle or manipulate her affairs normally.

The snake on the road biting her hand embodied his anguish as he lost control over his life.

I dreamed that a cobra was chasing me and bit my right hand.

“I was hiding behind a car, I saw a cobra apparently looking for something, in my dream I asked for help but instead of someone coming the cobra saw me, and began to chase me.

When I was about to enter my house I ran into another snake, the cobra saw it and killed the other one, then came back for me and bit me in the right hand. The bite felt so real!”

In this dream the snake was expressing the dreamer’s fears and worries in regards to her personal interactions: with her teachers or anyone with influence with authority, someone who she fears, someone who can yell at her.

The house means her personal space, the place where she can feel protected and safe. Heading home means she is looking for emotional security.

In the dream she asks for help and no one assists her, it means that she does not have someone in real life who can help her. Or maybe she is not able to find the proper way to ask for assistance.

Dreaming that snake bites a girl’s right hand

A young woman dreamt she was holding a black snake and trying not to hurt it, but at the end she was bitten in her right hand.

In real life, she was afraid to make mistakes and be scolded by her strict and uptight parents for any slight fault in her behavior.

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