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Snake bites my left hand -Dream Meanings

Javier Fuertes ~ 10/09/2022

Dreaming of getting bitten by a snake in your left hand show your growing frustration for not getting a social or professional recognition that you think you deserve. Perhaps you feel that for some reason you are not receiving affection or attention from people close to you.

Dreaming that snake bites your left hand is revealing that you fear that you will be hurt, hindered or badly impacted when dealing with family issues or with the things you want to achieve for your loved ones, for your family.


This dream might be a warning signal that something important needs attention or solution in your life; perhaps you are delaying an important decision.

If in your dream your are bitten by snake in your left hand reveals you may be struggling with your ability to give affection, time or attention to your family members.

Finally, in the world of dream interpretations the left hand symbolizes your kindness and feminine qualities. Perhaps, you are having some issues with this aspect.


Keep in mind if you are left-handed, the interpretations given here is valid for your right hand.
You should search for Dreaming that snake bites your right hand to find the corresponding interpretations for your left hand.

Dream of snake biting my left hand Interpreted

I dreamed that my 9-year-old girl on the right and my husband on the left was lying in the center, we were awake eating something I do not remember that and suddenly on top of it came a viper of black rings and red roses, she did not want to attack, I wanted to take its head with my left hand and bit me, it escaped, then I caught it and cut off her head, then woke up scared….

This dream revealed that the dreamer was afraid of getting bad news about herself that may alter the mood and emotional condition of member of her family. It seems that the snake represented her fears about her health condition impacting on her husband and daughter as depicted in the dream.

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