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Someone throwing a snake at me – Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 08/13/2022

Dreaming of being thrown a snake in my face reveals problemas, obstacles, suddenly happening to you.

In other cases this dream is revealing that you are being offended, humiliated or ridiculed.

This dream also indicates that the problems you were trying to avoid finally reach you. Your fears and worries are likely to happen at any time.

Dreaming that my boyfriend throws a snake in my face

If you dream that is a boyfriend who throws a snake to you, it means there is something terrible in your relationship ( cheating, infidelities) you are about to admit o acknowledge.

Dreaming of throwing a snake at someone

Tossing a snake into a person in a dream is disclosing the dreamer’s weird and cruel tendency to find joy and pleasure when she gives people a very bad time; more particularly, by displaying her capacity to inflict harm to others if she wants to do so.

Dreaming that a snake bites my face

It may be expressing your resentment, annoyance or irritation as a consequence of nasty or toxic comments you have received recently. 

If you have had a dream of rattlesnakes or vipers biting your face, it means that you have severely criticized the previous day and, consequently, your personal reputation or social image took a big hit.

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Is it bad to dream about snakes?

Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .

Suggested Dreams

Dreaming of snake spitting venom on you?

Dreaming of a snake spitting out venom on you means that you are being seriously affected by disturbing things happening in your life, such as, toxic personal relations, the loss of a person close to you, or any other current situation hurting you emotionally. Maybe you’re recognizing the existence of harmful individuals in your life.

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Dreaming of holding a snake in your hands

It means you may be overreacting in front of challenging situation happening in real life.

If in your confrontation with snake, it turns to be quite easy to grab the snake and take control of it (the reptile does not harm you), it can refer to a personal circumstance in real life that at first seemed to be quite threatening or harmful but ended up being fine and easy. The problem didn’t get as complicated as you thought.

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Dreaming of hitting snakes on the head

Dream of beating a snake in the head means you are tackling a problem, an obstacle, a situation causing you distress. 

It reveals you really want to put and end to a relationship with someone you consider a toxic person.

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Dreaming of snake coming out of my body

Dream of a snake coming out of your body means emotional healing. That’s right. I have found that the snake in the dream is revealing that the dreamer is being affected by a perturbing emotional condition, illness or other bad condition; and the fact that the reptile comes out of her body would suggest that the dreamer is expelling the harmful or virulent elements that caused or maintained such discomfort. This dream would then mean physical recovery or emotional healing.

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Dreaming of snake biting a loved one

Dreaming that a snake bites your loved one means your are harboring concerns about something bad happening to them in real life.

It is possible that you are afraid of some issues, tensions or conflicts in your relationship with them.

Indeed, if you see a snake attacking your loved one in a dream it means that there is something happening real life that may impact in your relationship between you and her.

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Dreaming of killing snakes

Dreams of killing a snake means you want to eradicate something from your life. Indeed, a snake in the world of dreams usually embodies a disturbing or harmful aspect of yourself (feelings, memories, ideas, vices). Killing this reptile means that you are eager to get rid of that negative element inside.

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dreaming about killing snakes mean you are facing unfair situation

Dreaming of burning snake

Dream of seeing a burning snake means you are dealing with strong, extreme and destructive emotions inside you.

Dreaming that snake or viper burns can be a projection of the self-destructive effects of your own negativity; in other words, the strong emotions that dominate you at certain times can bring you very unpleasant consequences.

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Dreaming of colorful snakes

Dreaming of colorful snakes in dreams means that you are having strong emotions capable of disturbing your tranquility. 

These colorful reptiles can also represent people or situations that make a pleasant first impression but do not keep our expectations over time. 

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