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Being chased by a snake in dreams

Javier Fuertes ~ 11/12/2022

Dreams of snakes or vipers chasing means you have so much anxiety linked to a state of emotional vulnerability. The dream could be displaying your worries about something bad happening to you, maybe you find yourself in a very delicate personal situation fearing that at any time you can get very unsettling news at any aspect of your life (family, job, friendships, business). 

Being chased by a snake in dream means you are trying to avoid to face a bully in real life, or someone who can hurt you. Is it possible you are trying to stay away from an individual who is really bad influence for you.

It is possible that the snake in the dream is expressing your worries, fears and doubts due to an event happening soon which will expose an unpleasant aspect of your personal life, something you are not very proud of.

Being chased by several snakes means you are not able to fulfill your personal responsibilities on due time.

Being chased by a snake also means you cannot pay you financial obligations, a personal promise you are unable to honor, perhaps a debt that cannot be payoff.

If you have recurrent dreams of being chased by a snake, that is happening because you are very stressed due to a very demanding job.

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Big Snake is chasing you Dream Meaning

Dreaming that a giant snake is chasing you means your are having some kind of inability to cope with challenges, obstacles or individual that seem to be more quite difficult to deal with. That’s correct! this dreams is showing our inability to manage emotions or situations that are uncomfortable for us.

A giant snake might be the dreaming image created by your mind to display the depth of your fears about your problems, conflicts, uncertainties or challenges.

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Dreaming of being chased by a snake and it got me

If you wonder why the snake always gets you in your dream, no matter how much you run away, run or hide; for I answer you with the following:

this reptile would be representing an anxiety or a latent concern in your mind, which is not being confronted or addressed; or maybe it would symbolize your inner emotional conflicts that you can’t or won’t resolve. 

Your dream with same theme over and over as long as those issues are not solved in your real life.

Check out this dream:

“I dreamed that I was like on a prairie and I saw a rattlesnake close to me, I got scared and started running away. The snake chased me but when I got tired of running and stopped, the snake reached me furiously as if it sniffed me but did not attack me, I was very afraid that it would bite me and I ran again and the snake kept chasing . . .

Is it bad of being chased by snakes in dreams?

Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .

Suggested Dreams for you

Being choked by a snake in dreams

Having dreams where a snake is choking you -or is about to do it- expresses certain negative influences in your wake life preventing you from being yourself. It is possible that you are going through situations that make you feel suffocated emotionally, such as, for example, economic hardship, family issues, or stress for your workplace.

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Dreaming that you are swallowed by a snake

Being eaten by a snake in your dream means that you are being taken by strong and toxic feelings or emotions, such as hate, jealousy, resentment, frustration.

Being swallowed by the snake means you are down-spiraling, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Snake trying to bite me in a dream

Dreaming of snake trying to bite you is often a warning signal of very unsafe personal situations or toxic social environments in real life. It is possible you are sensing too many risks in a relationship with someone you cannot trust. 

This dream could be just expressing the fact that you are dissatisfied with your current social image. Certainly, it is possible that you feel uneasy about what certain individuals may be saying or commenting about you.

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Dreaming of brightly colored snakes

Dreaming of a snake with very bright colors reveals problems, complications or changing events, to which we do not know very well how to react nor what results they can bring up at the end.

This dream points to the existence of intense emotions disturbing your inner peace of mind.

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