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Snake eats another snake -Dream

Last Update : May 17, 2022


Dreaming of snake eating another means that one intense emotion or impulse inside you is dominating another.

What does it mean to dream of a snake eating another snake?

If you are having this dream you should know that it is definitely 100% symbolic (at least if you work in a zoo or a pet store with all kinds of snakes).

Seriously, the snake in our dreams is considered as the projection of an aspect or trait of the inner world of the dreamer. With this in mind, a snake eating another represents an intense and strong emotion or feeling (usually harmful or perturbing) imposing itself on another emotion.

Let me explain.

If you dream of snakes fighting each other and, as result, one of them eats the other, it means that an extreme emotion in you (hate, for example) is having a much greater strength than another (fear); thus, the dream is showing that you are being driven by a very strong emotion when reacting to a quite important event in your life.

Likewise, the image of a snake devouring another can embody or represent your determination and firmness to overcome, by all means necessary, the obstacles presented to you. Maybe you’re thinking of responding in a very aggressive way to a tough situation in front of you.

It could also symbolize the occurrence of an undesirable event that changes profoundly a very well established situation in your current life, to which you are used to.

Also consider the possibility that the dream is depicting through the images of these reptiles a fact of your real life: someone you consider your rival has toppled or beaten another individual.

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