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Last Update : May 17, 2022

You catch a snake in dreams

If in the dream you are able to catch a snake, it means you get a renewed and positive attitude towards your personal problems, limitations or conflicts; you feel that they can be repaired, settled down or overcome. That’s right, this dream is disclosing your desire for getting rid of pessimistic thoughts or ideas.

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Burning a snake in dreams

Burning a snake in your dreams shows your intense emotions or reactions towards a current situation in wake life. There is a powerful desire in you to get rid of something in life (a relationship, a connection, a memory of an individual).

A burning snake can be the perfect image that symbolizes intense, ignited feelings like jealousy, envy, or revenge, which may be consuming you day and night.

Cutting the snake’s head off in dreams

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Eating a snake in dreams

Eating an entire snake in a dream shows that you are becoming aware of the fact that adopting a new idea, a belief, an attitude may carry disturbing consequences for you or your family. Perhaps you are being quite naive in accepting things that look flashy and pretty at the first glance, but might have distressing implications over time.

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Fighting snakes in dreams

Dream that you fight with a snake means that there is someone or something in waking life that gives you a really hard time, because it is able to disturb your routine, relationships or plans. The same idea would apply to a circumstance, a feeling, or a piece of news that you are not willing to accept at all.

Having a dream in which you fight with snakes is showing your inner conflicts or fears. See the full list of interpretations in dreams of fighting with snakes.

Killing snakes in dreams

This is a very common dream, with different scenarios. See the full content in page dream of killing snakes.


Playing with snake in dreams

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Talking to a snake in dreams

Dreaming of talking to a snake in your dream is considered by many experts in dream interpretations as a way for our mind to express the dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious, or, in other words: between our primary emotions, desires or impulses, on the one hand, and our reason, on the other.

Walking among snakes in dreams

Walking among these reptiles means that you are dealing with very annoying or disturbing individuals with uncontrollable or erratic reactions. You may find yourself in the midst of a hostile situation which requires that you be quite calmed and flawless in your actions or answers in order to avoid triggering responses from that kind of people.

If the dreamer walks down a path where there are many snakes or cobras, it means that she finds herself going through a dangerous personal circumstance. It could represent a warning that cannot be ignored: she should be careful with the next step she will take toward reaching her plans.


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