Dream meaning of snake biting my arm

Last Update : March 14, 2019


You have trouble dealing with hostile personal situations.
Dream revels frustration cause you’re not getting what you want..

Dreaming of snakes biting your arm means that you are having a hard time adjusting to hostile, aggressive or nasty personal situations. Indeed, this dream may be indicating that your ability to defend yourself -emotionally speaking- in the face of hostile situations. Maybe you feel that you are not strong enough to deal with nasty or aggressive individuals in your life.

If the snake bite causes injury to your arms it may mean that you are lacking the skills or fortitude to be creative and productive in what are you are doing.  Dreams in which a viper or a rattlesnake bites your arms can indicate frustration because you may be feeling unable to achieve your goals. In fact, this dream would reveal the fact that you are going through a personal situation that is not developing in the way you expected or planned.

The injury to your arms may be revealing that you have begun to recognize your inability to retain or protect things, situations or people you deem valuable in your life. In fact, the dream may represent your discomfort in situations where you cannot keep a person close to you. In some cases, this may indicate that you feel rejected or despised.

Dream of snake biting my right arm

This dream suggests that there are some issues with your ability to affirm yourself in the social aspect of your life. It also may show that you may be lacking social, working, productive capacities; maybe your ability to influence others has been affected recently.

In the dream world, the arm is generally regarded as the symbol for strength, not only physical but also emotional. If you are bitten on the arm by a snake the dream can mean damage to your ability to resist or withstand the challenges, difficulties or changes you face in your life.

A group of authors consider the right arm as the extroverted or social side of our personality. The left arm refers to the internal or introverted aspect, that is, the emotional aspect of the dreamer.


Dreaming of snake biting my left arm

This dream may suggest a loss of confidence when you try to defend yourself from new hostile situations in your daily social life. It is possible that you have the sense of being emotionally stronger or resilient.
The left arm would represent the emotional aspect that sustains your ability to act on the social level.

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Please note: 
If you are left-handed or lefty, the dream interpretation mentioned under your right arm applies to your left arm, and what is indicated in the section “Dreaming that the snake bites your left arm ” is appropriate for your right arm.

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