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Snake bites your left foot – Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 10/11/2022

Dreaming of being bitten on your left foot by a snake reveals serious problems with your motivation or with your desire to keep going with your personal projects. This interpretation may be linked to the fact that you may be missing the emotional (or material) support needed at this point of your life.

Maybe you are having seconds thoughts or regrets about a key personal decision you have made, a missed opportunity or a choice recently made.

If in your dream a snake bites your left foot, it shows you are having issues with your inner balance, there must be someone or something disturbing your peace of mind.


Here is an example:

Last night I dreamed I got bitten by a viper on my left foot but I did not see it ’cause it was absolutely dark, I just grabbed it with my hands and when I was about to toss it away I woke up

It seems that the dreamer is experiencing an obstacle in her life (getting bit on her left foot) which she is not able see or identify clearly (there was darkness). She seems quite insecure about her final reaction before these obstacles or challenges in real life.

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