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Snake Dreams During Pregnancy

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/13/2022

What does it mean to have snakes dream during pregnancy?

According to Rigmor Robert, a dream doctor at the Caroline Institute in Stockholm, water, snakes, twins and mother are frequent topics among women during pregnancy. Indeed, she argues that gestation is a critical period in a woman’s life in which she does not direct her life through the conscious self.

According to Robert, a frequent dream in the women studied is that they give birth to twins, of which only one survives. Dreams about snakes, with negative content, are interpreted by Robert as life and movement.

It is possible that some hormones combined with anxiety can cause pregnant women to have intense dreams, including those with snakes sliding into them.

And having Anxiety isn’t surprising: you worry about the baby’s health, your own health, and whether or not you can handle a job, children, external responsibilities, and then you worry a little more about your baby’s health.

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Author: Javier Fuertes

Dream Researcher. I have been helping people to understand their dreams since 2018. Love reading all kind of authoritative material about dreams analysis, like Freud, Jung and their followers; however, I learned more about dreams by helping my blog readers with the interpretation of their own dreams. I recently published an article in Leigh University and Brown University.