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Purple Snake Dream Meaning

If you dream of purple snakes it is possible you are having issues with an authority figure, a person with influence and power, such as an employer, a supervisor, a teacher or a father or grandfather.

Maybe you are feeling distress because of an individuals’ ego or pride.

That’s right, if you dream of purple snakes it means you are worried for an individual who is hiding her real intentions or motivations behind a false posture.

Feeling afraid of seeing a purple snake in a dream means you feel totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want in your social interactions, particularly with people you do not know quite well yet .

That’s right, there is impotence in some form. 

In some cases, I have found that dreaming of purple snakes reveals the dreamer is afraid of being sick or getting an illness.

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Related Dreams

Black Snake Dreams

In the world of dreams a black snake has different meanings. Firstly, it means an influence in your life that -you consider- is very harmful, toxic or destructive. It could also represent what causes you -at the same time- fear, outrage and hatred.

You may have recurrent dreams of black snakes if you dealing in wake life with a situation, entity or individual with an absence of values, limits or norms.

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Blue Snake Dreams

In the world of dreams the blue color expresses tranquility, emotional stability and calmness. Blue is a color representing the sky and sea waters; it suggests also reflection, honesty, relaxation. Consider this interpretation more closely if the reptile neither attacks nor threatens you.

In some cases, this dream may be saying that you are experiencing guilty or shame; maybe you are fearing that the most negative aspects of your personality (or your bad deeds) might be exposed to others.

Coral Snake Dreams

The coral snake is one of the most poisonous of the species, therefore, it means that the dreamer feels she is living at the edge of an extreme personal situation.

Some experts in dream interpretation consider this dream as a warning signal from our unconscious mind about something bad happening at any moment.

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Grey Snake Dreams

This dream may reveal that the dreamer is experiencing uncertainty, indecision, even confusion.

Dreaming of vipers, cobras or snakes of grey color might disclose a sense of isolation, apathy, even loss of interest in something or someone. Indeed, this dream is suggesting that you are feeling emotionally distant from what is happening to you and the world around you; perhaps you are lacking focus on certain personal matters; it seems that you are not satisfied with yourself.

Pink Snake Dreams

Pink color in the world of dream interpretation usually symbolizes femininity, delicacy, tenderness. If in your dream that a pink sake is friendly and makes contact with your body it can represent passion or romance in your life.

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Dreaming of purple snakes is bad?

Dream of snakes is bad?

The answer is “it depends on the specific dream”. I consider it to be bad in many cases, because it reveals that the dreamer is facing a situation or a person that is disturbing her life.

According to my experience interpreting dreams, I have noticed that the snake normally appears to express our . . .

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