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Rainbow colored snake Dream Meaning

Javier Fuertes ~ 12/02/2022

Dreaming of a rainbow colored snake means that you are having strong emotions capable of disturbing your tranquility.  Maybe you find yourself experiencing new situations and don’t know what results to expect.

This dream means there are many emotions trying to overwhelm the dreamer’s mind.

It can also reveal a psychological state (such as a feeling, an emotion, an attitude) prevailing over other ones.

Another interpretation says that seeing a snake of rainbow color in a dream is revealing the dreamer is expecting or longing for a fanciful or flamboyant individual in her life.

According to my experience, it is very possible that you may have dreams of rainbow colored snakes when in your real life you are about to deal with menacing scenarios that capture your attention due to its attractive appearance but -at the same time- they may complicate your personal plans or daily routine.

Symbolism of a rainbow snake’s snakeskin color in the world of dreams

Red Snakeskin

A snake with red skin reveals strong and intense emotions in dreamer’s life. Something or someone is provoking those reactions in her.

Red is also the color of blood, of open wounds, which may suggest that there are concerns or doubts regarding the health of the dreamer.

The color red in dreams represents negativity, intentions or negative situations. In a dream, it reflects something that makes you uncomfortable about the way you think, feel, or act. It can reveal thoughts, emotions, or behaviors in you that are unhealthy, unpleasant, or deceptive.

Red can also represent anger, fighting, pettiness or dishonesty. Often, red also reflects feelings about how dangerous a situation is or people’s behavior. Dangerous feelings that “everything is at stake.”

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Orange Snakeskin

Based on my experience in the hundreds of snake dreams I’ve interpreted, an orange snakeskin reveals your need to overcome fears, overcome your fear of failure, or regain your sense of adventure.

That’s right, some authors believe that this dream would show your uneasiness to pursue new personal interests and develop new activities. In this sense, dreaming of a friendly or harmless orange snake may suggest that you feel ready or determined enough to undertake risky ambitions.

This dream may also be talking about your attitude regarding your interpersonal relationships; You may have some difficulty functioning socially, or you may not know very well how to expand your personal sphere of influence, or how to achieve greater and better sociability in your life.

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Yellow Snakeskin

Dreaming of a deep yellow snake would represent anxiety due to excessive enthusiasm or vehemence in an aspect of your life, or in an activity you are developing. On the positive side, this dream could reveal your hope or belief that things are going to work out very well for you.

Consider the possibility that your mind generates the image of the yellow snake to alert you to the risks of your recent optimism, which could prompt you to make hasty personal decisions, or place you in situations of danger.

Some authors consider that dreaming of a snake, viper, boa, or dull yellow python would indicate a paralyzing indecision, or perhaps cowardice when making big decisions or assuming greater responsibilities. If this reptile attacks you it might suggest, in some cases, that you are afraid of contracting a disease or developing a physical ailment.

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Green Snakeskin

Dreaming of green snakes means growth of something negative in your life.
Another interpretation holds that a green viper may reflect growth that you believe is happening in the wrong direction, or that it is being channeled incorrectly. Probably the dream would reveal the progression or aggravation of a bad habit, a bad habit, a harmful attitude, perhaps a toxic or inappropriate personal relationship, or perhaps an illness.

Dreaming of a green viper or cobra can be a dreamlike image that would represent inexperience or immaturity that is disturbing. There may be characteristics in you that are not sufficiently developed or mature, perhaps your relationships or personal plans are not yet ready to give you what you expect from them.

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Blue Snakeskin

The color blue in a snake represents tranquility, emotional calm. Blue is a color that represents the sky and sea water. It suggests reflection, honesty, relaxation. Consider this interpretation if the reptile does not attack or threaten you.

On the other hand, it represents your recognition of honesty in another person, implying that you have a sense of guilt and/or fear that negative aspects in your personality (or your bad actions) will be exposed to the public.

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Purple Snakeskin

If in your dream you see a purple snake, it means you feel totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want in your social interactions, particularly with people you do not know quite well yet .

Having a dream of purple snakes reveals that the dreamer is feeling vulnerable, weak or helpless before an individual or a situation which seem to you overwhelming or overpowering. You need moral or material support to tackle your problems or to deal with an difficult individual. 

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Meaning of the snake’s color in dreams

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