Dreaming that snake bites my pet dog

Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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Dreams of snake biting your pet dog means you have lost trust in someone.
This dreams may reveal an overprotective, suffocating relationship.

The dog in the dream world symbolizes loyalty and friendship. If the snake attacks your dog, it shows that you have lost trust on an individual very close to you. Maybe a friendship is at risk, or you may be having current personal issues with a friend or your significant other.


Dreaming of a snake attacking your pet means issues with a relationship

This dream may be disclosing that you have realized you are in middle of an overprotective or demanding relationship.  Perhaps, you are the one who is suffocating or straining a close relationship -or a friendship; as a result, your social relations are being impacted negatively.

Now, in this line of interpretation, this dream may reveal that your personal failures or poor decisions are undermining the way you interact with your friends or family members. Precisely, the snake in this kind of dreams is not the representation of demons or evil spirits as has been believed since ancient times; instead, this reptile is a dream symbol embodying a few perturbing elements or impulses in you that are damaging your relationship with your loved ones.

A snake attacking or biting your pet may be telling you that an external negative element (represented by the snake) is affecting your relationship with your best friend, or even worse, your relationship with your partner, boyfriend or spouse.

As a basis for this interpretation I will share the following dream that one of my readers wrote to me.

A young female dreamt that she was in a pool with her little dog, when suddenly a large and fat snake attacked and bit the puppy.

In real life she was having arguments with her boyfriend because she spent a lot of time on her workplace doing overtime; moreover, most of her coworkers were male and single. She told me:

“My boyfriend is very jealous. I just can’t stand his actitud.”

This dream was expressing the current problems in her relationship. The snake represented her perception about her boyfriend’s actitud and behavior, in other words, the reptil was embodying her lover’s jealousy which was hurting her feelings.


Here is another dream from one of my readers (a male adult):

“I dreamt that a very big snake ate my dog, swallowed it completely. I tried to save him.”

In real life he was angry and dissapointed because his friend was not paying him back money borrowed. The dreamer was realizing his friend has lied to him, he wrote:

“A friend betrayed my trust!”

The snake represented the dreamer’s negative feelings and emotions towards his friend, triggered by a broken promise over a debt.

Dreaming that snake bites your pet dog means you have trust issues

This dream reveals that you are the kind of person who does not trust people you do not know very well. Perhaps distrust is your default position when you deal with some kind of people; it is possible that you have had very bad experiences with them in the past.


A single middle-aged woman dreamt that a black snake came into her house and began to attack and bite her dog (a poodle). After she killed the reptil, more of them popped up.

In real life, the dreamer wanted to eliminate her fears of being lonely and never finding a honest man to believe in. The snake was representing her distrust of males due to a really bad experience with her last boyfriend who cheated on her several times.

Dreaming of a snake biting your pet shows you are being needy

One of the characteristics of our pets, especially the dog, is their desire to be loved and pamper by their owner. Having said that, a dream in which a snake bites your pet, is subtly indicating that your eagerness to be accepted or loved by others can set you up for serious problems. In this case your dreaming mind would be warning that constantly seeking the approval of others may carry a very high emotional cost for you.

Finally, consider the possibility that the snake is just disclosing something negative about the dreamer, in this case the dream may be suggesting that you, dear reader, are the cause of conflicts or disputes that have been happening to you lately. I strongly recommend to look at yourself in order to find some attitudes, habits or reactions that may be bringing conflicts or disagreements with your loved ones.

A dream of a snake biting your pet expresses your concerns about your kids

If you are a mom (or father) consider this interpretation:

I have found in many dreams that pets represents our little kids. Having a dream of our pets being attacked or bitten may express our own concerns about our kids’ safety and health in real life. Specially if we feel that our little ones are not 100% safe at home or school, maybe we are spending a lot of time away from them because of work or business.

Dreams about Snake and Pets Interpreted

I dreamt that a snake was suffocating my dog and killed him

A young girl in a relationship wrote:

“I dreamed of a small red and black snake inside a jar. Later, the snake is inside my dog’s mouth suffocating him, a few seconds my dog is dead.”


A red and black snake means there is something toxic, dangerous in your life. Something that causes you at the same time fear and despair, or also frustration and anger.

A snake inside a container means that you harbor negative and perturbing emotions above your family members (your kid, your husband) that you have been stored, contained or repressed. That is, you wanted to contain such fears about them, and suddenly they have spread out or got worse.

The dog in the world of dreams means friendship, trust, loyalty. In this sense, it means that you fear (or resist) to become aware of the chance of losing your connection with your partner. Perhaps you are afraid of losing his loyalty or affection, which is usually the most important features about puppies.

Dogs also represent younger children, as we protect and pamper them as we do with our little ones. In this sense, your dog can express very well your fear that something very bad might happen to your child.

This dream does not mean that something bad necessarily happens to them (husband, son) in real life.

I dreamt of snake attacking my dog, many more surrounded me

A single woman wrote:

” I was in the living room with my mom, grandmother, also my sister-in-law and her mom, when suddenly I see a snake near my dog and sister. I start telling her to stay away from the dog since the snake had began to bite him.

Immediately, I found many more snakes with different colors and started killing as many as I could. Finally, they surrounded me. I woke up”


Seeing a snake and a dog in a dream usually reveals that the dreamer has issues over trust and loyalty on her relationships with people, especially with a friendship or romantic partner (real or potential).

I noticed that all the characters in the dream are female relatives. On the other side, the invading characters are snakes, which represent the male presence in general, which the dreamer finds uncomfortable, disturbing or threatening.

That’s right, in the dream the snakes are expressing her personal insecurities regarding males, her difficulties in trusting a potential partner.

I dreamt of big snake eating my dog

This is the dream of a guy who had an argument with a friend:

“I dreamt that a very big snake ate my dog, swallowed it completely. I tried to save him by pulling him out of the snake’s mouth.
What does it mean”


In real life he was angry and disappointed because his friend was not paying him back money borrowed. The dreamer was realizing his friend has lied to him.

The huge snake represents the friend’s betrayal. The dog symbolizes the broken friendship, the lost trust he once had in his friend. The fact that the dreamer tries to save the dog reveals his desire to regain some of that relationship.

The puppy can symbolize his relationship with another person, which is negatively impacted by his ex friend’s bad deeds. Rescuing the pet means that he wants to protect his relationship with that individual.

If you have dreams of your pet being attacked, it is possible that you have issues with a friendship or a close relationship.

Questions about your dream of snake biting your pet

What color was the snake?

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How big was the snake?

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Where was the snake?

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What was your reaction?

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