Dream meaning snake bites my back

Last Update : May 17, 2022


May reflects your concern about potential disappointments.
Issues with unfinished personal matters.

Having a dream with snakes biting you in your back has several interpretations:

The first and most common meaning indicates that this dream reflects your concern about potential betrayals or disappointments in your current relationships with your partner, family, business, or at your office. Likewise, this dream may be expressing your belief that something intimate, or very personal might be revealed to others.

The second, and the less common interpretation, means problems or concerns with outstanding issues of the past that may be still affecting you.  It is possible that you may have been forgotten them, but this dream is showing you that they are still alive and becoming a heavy emotional burden. Examples of this issues: relationships or personals conflicts that have a long time.

Third one, in some cases dreaming that snakes, boas or vipers that bite on your back may reveal that there are problems with the dreamer’s personal responsibilities or obligations.

Finally, the fourth interpretation, this dream can symbolize a sudden setback in an area of your life to which you were not paying enough attention. Also, it may refer to a personal issue happing when you are not prepared, or when nobody close to you did not see that coming.


Dream that snake bites your back and you kill it

This dream reveals that you really want to respond to a possible personal offense in real life. See more in dream of killing snakes.

Dream that snake bites your back when you are in the bed

If in the dream the snake bit you when you were laying on bed, it could mean that there is something perturbing your mind.

See dreaming of snake in the bed.

Dream that snake bites your back in the water

If in the dream the snake bites your back when you are in the water, it shows that you are having doubts that something bad may happen to you at any moment, specially, when you everything seems to be quiet and peaceful.

Read more in dreaming of snake in the water.

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