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Dream meaning that snake bites my cat

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/17/2022

Dreaming that a snake attacks your pet cat means that you are having real concerns about something bad happening to your four-legged friend in real life.

What does it mean of dreaming that snake bites my cat?

The most basic and literal interpretation is in this case is the good one: you have worries or concerns over your cat’s health or safety in real life. It is possible that for some reason (job, studies, family business) you have not been near your little one, and you fear that something unexpected or unpleasant can happen to the cat.

In some cases I have noticed that dreaming that a snake attacks a cat reveals that the dreamer is having serious issues with her romantic relationship.

Also, I have found that tensions, conflicts with a female friend are usually expressed in dreams of cats being hurt or fighting.

Having a dream in which cat is bitten by a snake may express your lingering doubts or fears or being hurt or abused by a current or potential situation that seems to be quite contentious, hostile or undesirable.

However, take in consideration that this dream may be alerting about aspects or traits about yourself that you are not paying attention in a long time: such as your own sexuality.

If you have a tendency to stay away or back off as soon as you see trouble in any relationship, then this dream may be showing that you are convinced that this time there is no way to stay away from a current problematic situation without being hurt.

Questions about your dream of snake biting your cat

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