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Dream meaning snake biting my mom

Last Update : May 17, 2022

Dreaming that a snake attacks or bites your mother reveals your concerns about her condition in real life, perhaps you fear that something very bad could happen to your mother at any time. If you have this dream, you may be fearing that your relationship with her will continue to worsen, that it will not improve.

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Dream of snake biting your mom reveals issues on your relationship with her

This dream could expressing your concerns regarding the current condition of your relations with your mom. Perhaps you are assessing the current state of your relationship with her. Indeed, you may be noticing that there are traits, reactions, or habits in yourself having a negatively impact on her. Or maybe you have done or said harsh and nasty things to your mama, or maybe you are breaking ‘her rules’.

Also, it is possible that you are noticing that your mother is in the middle of a risky or thorny situation; perhaps you believe she is taking poor decisions which may eventually hurt her. Consider the possibility that the current family environment in which she lives is very bad for her emotional health, far from what you would like for her.

Some authors believe that this kind of dream might be displaying your unresolved conflicts with her. It have found that this dream is quite common among people who are having a rocky or strained relationship with their mothers.

A snake biting you mom shows issues with your role as a mother

According to this interpretation, it is possible that dreaming of a snake biting your mother reveals your own insecurities regarding the performance of your role as a mother in your family. Indeed, your mom in the dream would be a symbol representing the mother figure. Thus, when she is bitten by a snake in the dream it means that you have trouble giving not only protection and emotional support, but also affection and understanding, attributes that are expected from a mother in relation to her kids.

Consider the possibility that one of your sons or daughters could have made a serious mistake and you feel -somehow- guilty for it.

Is is also possible that you’re not spending enough time with your children, or for some reason you’re distant from them, physically or emotionally speaking.

A dream of snake attacking your mom shows concerns over serious illnesses

In some cases dreaming that a snake bites your mother reveals the existence of diseases or physical ailments in her. Maybe you’re afraid the she may be diagnosed with a disease, or the one you she’s got will get worse.

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