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Snake Turns into Human Dream Meaning

Last Update : May 17, 2022

dream meaning of snake turns into a human

This dream reveals fake feelings among people close to you, perhaps an unreliable friend.


Dreaming of snake turning into a person you know

Dreaming that a snake transforms into a known person means that you are realizing that this individual is experiencing a radical change of personality, behavior or attitude in real life; a transformation that is very disturbing or chilling for you. It is possible, too, that you consider that she or he has not being completely honest or transparent, hiding her/his true intentions from you.

Perhaps this person has deeply disappointed you, or simply did not live up to your expectations.

Dreaming that a snake turns into a random person

If you dream that a snake becomes an unknown person, it can open up a series of interpretations. One of them argues that the reptile depicts an individual in your real life who -you consider- let himself be dominated by his emotional impulses or irrational responses to a point where you can no longer recognize him.

Another interpretation suggests that the dreamer is in the middle of a tough situation in real life, in which she has to deal with intimidating individuals with unpredictable reactions.

A common dream among middle-aged women is to see a snake turning into an unknown woman when they are suspicious or jealous of the true intentions or feelings of females close to them.

Dreaming that you turn into a snake

Now, remember that usually this reptile in your dreams is the representation of something disturbing that is going on in your mind. If that is true, the person that results from the transformation is actually an image of yourself; in that case the dream would be alerting you not to be totally dominated by your negative emotions (anger, fear, jealousy) when you react to a current scenario triggering you.

Perhaps you afraid of losing your sense of what is right in life; or maybe your are really worried about tainting your social image among your peers with that kind of nasty reactions.

Consider the possibility that you are noticing that you have changed negatively, you are no longer the nice person you used to be.

Dreaming that a man becomes a snake

For a dreamer, in some cases, having a dream in which a man transmutes into a snake can suggest the existence of a male character in her real life, whose true (intimate) intentions would be repulsive and threatening to her; someone who has been pretending to be decent, friendly or cool with you.

If the one who has this dream is a male, then this may be showing a disturbing aspect of his own emotional struggles; perhaps his own internal conflicts.

Dreaming that a woman becomes a snake

For a female dreamer:

This dream may indicate the presence of a female figure who would be generating distress in real life.

It is also possible that this dream is showing your growing distrust towards a woman you know. Pay attention to this interpretation if the snake is aggressive or inspires you with fear.

Now, let us take into account the possibility that the dream is disclosing an aspect or dimension of the dreamer’s own inner world. According to this interpretation, the woman who transforms into a snake would be yourself, and the dream is just manifesting your latent fear of being dominated by extreme negative emotions which push you react with inappropriate (or hysterical) behavior. Maybe, you are prone to emotional outbursts which make you feel ashamed and remorseful later when you calm down.

For a male dreamer:

If the one who has this dream is a man and the reptile resulting from the transformation suffocates or drowns him, then it exhibits his intense anxiety at a suffocating or oppressive relationship with a woman (wife, girlfriend, mother). If, on the other hand, the snake is quite friendly, the dream may be suggesting an exciting attraction or sexual interest for a female in real life.

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What is the meaning of dreaming with snakes at home?

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What is the meaning of killing a snake in a dream?

Dreams of killing a snake means you want to eradicate something from your life. That’s right, a snake in the world of dreams usually embodies a disturbing or harmful aspect of yourself (feelings, memories, ideas, vices). Killing this reptile means that you are eager to get rid of that negative element inside.

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What is the meaning of dreaming of a brown snake?

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