Dream meaning snake bites my son

Last Update : July 12, 2019


Issues with your personal projects.
Doubts about your ability to protect or guide others.

Dreaming that a snake bites your son may be reflecting your fears that someone may cause harm to him. Also, this dream may reveal that your optimism on new personal projects or ambitions have been negatively affected by recent news.

The dream may also showing the dreamer’s intense fears about negative things happening to her son in real life, perhaps because she believes that he is making wrong decisions or maybe because she thinks he is facing a hostile or negative environment. Moreover, in this same line of interpretation, the dream can reveal worries about her relationship with her son could be deteriorating and, therefore, there is need to restore a damaged connection.

Also, consider another option. This dream can be projecting your doubts regarding your parent skills or your worries in relation to your capacity to fulfill key personal responsibilities. Let me ask you, Are you been currently worried thinking about your shortcomings as a parent, mentor or leader of people?

Dreams of snakes, vipers or cobras biting your child would just be expressing your concern that current situations may be altering your willingness towards a new project which you have just started (a career, a relationship, a business). That’s right, in the dream world, dreaming about a small child, when you have none in the wake life, could represent a personal project that you have started, something beautiful that needs to be protected because it is fragile, small and for whom you feel responsible during his growth.

Finally, consider the option that the child in your dream simply may embody a special individual you consider as a son in your real life.

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