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Dream meaning snake bites my son

Javier Fuertes ~ 05/05/2023


Dreaming that your son is bitten by a snake means you are really worried about something bad is going to happen to him.
You have doubts about your ability to protect or guide others.

What does it mean to dream of snake biting my son?

Dreaming that a snake bites your son may be reflecting your fears that someone may cause harm to him. Also, this dream may reveal that your optimism on new personal projects or ambitions have been negatively affected by recent news.

The dream may also showing the dreamer’s intense fears about negative things happening to her son in real life, perhaps because she believes that he is making wrong decisions or maybe because she thinks he is facing a hostile or negative environment.

Moreover, in this same line of interpretation, the dream can reveal worries about her relationship with her son could be deteriorating and, therefore, there is need to restore a damaged connection.

Also, consider another option. This dream can be projecting your doubts regarding your parent skills or your worries in relation to your capacity to fulfill key personal responsibilities. Let me ask you something, Are you been currently worried thinking about your shortcomings as a parent, mentor or leader of people?

Dreams of snakes, vipers or cobras biting your child would just be expressing your concern that current situations may be altering your willingness towards a new project which you have just started (a career, a relationship, a business).

That’s right, in the world of dream interpretation, a small child -when you have none in wake life- could represent a personal project that you have started, something beautiful that needs to be protected because it is fragile, small and for whom you feel responsible during his growth.

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Your “son” in your dream could be another person in real life

Now, you should consider the option that your son’s image in your dream could be just embodying a special person who -in real life- you consider like a son, such as an very close friend of yours, an employee, a co-worker, or a member of a social organization to which you belong (church or another association).

Pay close attention to this interpretation if you don’t have any children in real life, or if in the dream – somehow – you know he is your son but the character has different facial or body features than your real child.

If you are worried for your grandson wealth fare in real life, it is possible to dream of your son (yes, your son) being bitten by a wild animal.

If you are a grandmother, it is not rare to see your adult son as a kid in your dreams (despite the fact that he could be currently 30 or 40 years of age).

what is the meaning of a snake biting my baby

Dream of snake biting your baby

Seeing in a dream that a snake is biting your little dear one means you are afraid of your baby’s health. It possible that there are current (or potential) worries about his wellbeing.

It can also reveal the presence of pernicious influences or a terrible mindset in your real life which have the potential to harm or damage something that you’re starting or building , something that is vulnerable and needs protection and care, such as a romantic relationship, a good friendship, business project or something similar.

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Dream of snake bites your son and draws blood

Dreaming that you bled because you were bitten by a snake, it means that you are suffering a loss of energy that can affect you. It can be a warning that you are very tired or tired that you need to pause reconnect with yourself to regain your energy and passion.

This dream is suggesting that you are not only admitting that you are experiencing pain but also that you are longing for a recovery. 

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Dream that snake is eating your son

What a nightmare!

If in your dream you see a snake eating your son alive, it is revealing you are very afraid of something very bad can happen to your kid in real life; maybe you are worried of him to fall into depression or into a vice like drugs or alcohol abuse.

what is the meaning of a dream snake eating

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Dream of snake biting and killing your son

Dream that you see a snake biting and killing your son it is really a bad dream because it shows you have really concerns about your kid’s health or emotional safety. Maybe you feel you are not good mother.

Dream of you killing the snake that bit your son

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dream of killing a viper means that your want to get rid of something in life

Dream of your son being chased by snake

Dreaming that a big snakes is going after your son is showing that you trying to avoid a perturbing situation impacting on your kid’s emotional health in real life.

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Dream of black snake biting your son

If in your dream a black snake bites your son, it could mean you are dealing with people with dubious intentions, with individual whose motivations do not seem to be good or beneficial for you and your kid.

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Dream of a snake in the house

Dreaming of a snake in your house or apartment shows that you are ready to confront o resolver issues with your family o in your marriage. Perhaps in real life you are taking control of a thorny situation with one of your family members.

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Dream of seeing your son playing with snakes means you are being naive

Dream of seeing your son playing with snakes means you are being naive. Indeed, this dream reveals that some people close to you may take advantage of you. It seems that you are not fully aware yet of the current situation your are in the middle of.

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Dreaming of snake biting your son. Is that bad?

Why are you dreaming of snakes biting your son?

  • Because there is an emotional distance between your and him,
  • Because you don’t like his friends or partners,
  • Because your son is not calling you,
  • Because you know very little about your child,
  • Because you’re wondering if you’re really a good mother.

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Dreams that I interpreted

I dreamed that snake bit my son in bed

“My son was in my bed playing, and suddenly I noticed that there was a nest of black snakes in the bed.

I was afraid that he might be bitten, I started catching the snake but she bit my son. Someone arrived and the snake became smaller very small and changed its shape.”


The nest of snakes usually represents the source of such conflicts or discord. That the snake changes its size and shape before the arrival of a person SUGGESTS that he or you do not want other people to know about their conflicts in the relationship and try to show everyone that nothing is wrong.

Dreaming that snake bites my daughter, I suck the poison

“I dreamed that I was in my sister’s house with my young daughter. There was this snake, a pet snake, and my daughter wanted to play with it. When she got close, the reptil bit her and injects her with poison, I run to her immediately, squeeze her hand and start sucking the poison.”


The snake injecting the venom into your daughter represents the home environment, family relationships that -you fear- can impact badly on your children emotional health (especially your little daughter, perhaps because she is the smallest).