Dreaming that snake bites someone else

Last Update : February 26, 2021

what does it mean dreaming snake bites someone

It reveals your lingering worries about what may happen to other people.
It shows your internal conflicts.


Let’s start with the simplest explanation: this dream is uncovering you fear that the person bitten in the dream could eventually be hurt in real life. According to my experience helping people to understand their dreams I have found that this type of dreams usually express you daily concerns and worries about your dear ones: family members, partners, friends and other folks close to you.

In this post I will first talk about dream interpretations for family members being bitten by a snake, then friends and other people close to you, finally the meanings for individuals in general (boys, girls)

A dream of snake biting family members

I recommend you to think about your last personal interaction with the family member depicted in your dream.

Because the dream might be connected to that experience and its impact on your feelings and emotions.

Here, listed in alphabetic order:

Dream of snake biting your boyfriend

This dream may reveal latent issues in your relationship.

See entry dream of snake biting husband bellow for more meanings.

Dream of snake biting your daughter

This dream could be displaying you anxiety regarding the current status of the relationship with your daughter.  Maybe you are afraid of losing contact with her.

See the full content of this section in dreaming that snake bites daughter.

Dream of snake biting your grandparents

This dream indicates that you may be needing advise or guidance. Alternatively, you are realizing that your current conflicts or disagreements in your extended family are affecting you in some way.

The image of a grandfather or grandmother usually symbolize large experience or practical knowledge. In some cases they could represent your extended family or the whole family together (parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, grandchildren).

I have found that even old and new disputes or disagreements inside your extended family (among uncles, aunts or cousins) could be also triggering this dream.

Dream of snake biting your father

If a snake bites your father it means that there are issues in your relationship with him. Perhaps, you are doing something in waking life that your dad will not accept or tolerate.

This dream may have been triggered due to the fact that you are realizing that you are not living up to your father’s life expectations.

If you have this dream, you might be having issues with an authority figure in wake life; perhaps your are looking for some kind of leadership.

If the father character in your dream was protecting you when he got bitten, then it may suggest that you are expecting someone else’s to cover your responsibilities or flaws.

Dream of snake biting your husband

See page snake bites my husband.


We can gain a better and deeper grasp of a current situation by putting ourselves in the position of somebody else and seeing things from their standpoint.

Dream of snake biting your mother

This dream could expressing your concerns regarding the current condition of your relations with your mom. Perhaps you have done or said harsh things to her, or maybe you are breaking ‘her rules’.

It is possible that you are noticing that your mother is in the middle of a risky or thorny situation; or maybe you believe she is taking poor decisions which may eventually hurt her.

Some authors believe that this kind of dream might be displaying your unresolved conflicts with her. It have found that this dream is quite common among people who are having a rocky or strained relationship with their mothers.

See the rest of the content on dream of snake bitting my mom

Dream of snake biting your son

This is dream has several interpretations, which are discussed in snake bites my son in a dream.

Dream of snake biting other people close to you

Dreaming that snake bites a coworker

If the snake bites a guy or gal at the office, it could express problems or fears related to your work environment or your job duties. Perhaps your are having issues with your coworkers, or maybe your relations with some of your colleagues are quite bad.

Also, take into consideration that the snake might be representing a toxic or stressful job environment; something that affects the emotional health of employees like you. For example, you may be getting sick of gossip and hearsay among people working with you.

In some cases, this dream is just exposing the simple fact that you hate your job.

Dreaming that snake bites a friend

If the snake bites a friend of yours, it indicates that you may have some issues with your empathy or ability to relate to your friends, since your pal in your dream may be personifying the idea of friendship.

It is likely that you have had a heated moment with your friend in real life, and told her/him hurtful or offensive things.

People in your dream could be showing something about you

Some experts in dream interpretations believe that sometimes a person in your dream can be just like a character representing an aspect or attribute of your personality that is being affected in some way by a current event happening in life.

That’s right, the individuals in a dream could be present there to show something about yourself. Indeed, our unconscious mind is inclined to project traits of ourselves onto people for the sake of drawing to our attention the aspects of our personality that are been ignored or repressed.

Another interpretation says that a snake attacking a random person in the dream might expose one of your personal defects, emotional weaknesses, bad habits, which are uncomfortable or harmful to people close to you.  For example, the fact of being pushy or greedy in relation to something we want so much in life could be impacting on people close to us.

Dreaming that snake is biting a little boy

The obvious interpretation indicates that you are worried for a little boy you know in wake life.

In some cases the kid depicted in the dream might be representing your feelings towards your children.

For a male dreamer:

  • If a snake is biting a kid, the dream may be suggesting the dreamer’s trouble with inexperience and immaturity, perhaps there is an aspect of his life needing urgent development or positive transformation.
  • A dream in which a little boy is being bitten by a snake could be considered as a warning call: the dreamer should spend more time caring for himself, for his inner kid.
  • It is possible that he is feeling bad because is being treated like a little boy in real life. The snakebite in the dreams represents an emotional injury due to a relationship (or a family/social environment) that makes him feel dominated, constrained, or impotent; perhaps he is not able to make his own personal decisions.

Dreaming that snake bites a little girl

This dream shows your worries and concerns in real life in relation to a girl your know. Maybe you have a feeling that something bad will happen in real life to a girl close to you ( a relative, a friend ).

The little girl in a dream bitten by a snake in the dream may personify an adult person you know in real life, someone who displays girl-like reactions or attitudes.

Carl Jung said that dreams use symbolic language to express what is happening inside our minds and hearts. That is why the girl in this dream could represent something that does not have a tangible form in real life: something that you’re starting in wake life, something that is vulnerable and needs protection and care, such as: a relationship, a business project or something similar.

The snake, in the dream, could symbolize the presence of harmful influences in your life with the potential to harm “something” you are taking care of, like a personal relationship, a personal project, as above-mentioned.

See the full content in snake bites a girl.

Final Insights

Some experts in dream interpretation think that this dream is a manifestation of a deep introspection taking place in the dreamer’s mind. 

Having said all of that, I invite you to ask yourself which interpretation is the most suitable, only you can know it.

Questions about your dream of snake biting someone else

What color was the snake?

How did the snake look like?

Where was the snake?

Snake in the house?

What was your reaction?

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