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Dreaming that snake bites a baby

Javier Fuertes ~ 01/31/2024

If you have a baby in real life then in most cases the dream may be just expressing the dreamer’s real worries or fears about something bad happening to her little one.

It is likely that for some reason (work, family or personal duties) you are not spending enough time taking care of your baby in real life.

What does it mean to dream of snake biting baby?

A snake biting a baby in your dream reveals your worries about something fragile and vulnerable in life

If you have no babies, no kids, then it is likely that the image of this babe in the dream is expressing your current worries over somebody else’s baby. However, according to my experience, in most cases is talking about “something”.

Let me explain.

Dreaming that a snake or viper bites a baby can be showing harmful traits or feelings in you which can be negatively affecting a new situation, project or relationship in your awake life.

It can also reveal the presence of pernicious influences or a terrible mindset in your real life which have the potential to harm or damage something that you’re starting or building , something that is vulnerable and needs protection and care, such as a romantic relationship, a good friendship, business project or something similar.

You may be having issues or worries over something new in your life

Having a dreams in which a snake bites a baby reveals your concern about current situations that could be altering or threatening your disposition towards a new project you have just started (a career, a relationship, a business).

That’s right, in the dream world, dreaming of a small child without actually having it, can represent a personal project that you have created, something very beautiful that you need to protect because it is small, fragile, and for which you feel responsible during its growth.

In addition, this dream may reveal that your optimism or good attitude towards a personal matter has been negatively affected by recent news.

Examples of dreams I helped to interpret

Here is a dream a young mother shared with me:

I dreamt that a rattlesnake was approaching slowly to my baby daughter who was sleeping in the stroller. It finally bit my baby.

I saw everything with frustration being unable to doing anything ’cause there was a glass wall preventing me from approaching my baby.

In real life she was afraid of something bad happening to her little one. She has been told her baby got sick recently.

Moreover, she was very busy working abroad far away from home. She was aware of what was happening at home via internet, but she felt quite powerless because she wanted to be physically present next to her baby. This explains why in the dream there was a glass wall between her and her baby.

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