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Dream meaning snake bites girl

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It may revealing personal mistakes due to naivety.
You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable.


Dream of a snake biting a girl may express you own worries regarding someone close to you

This dream may be revealing your worries and concerns in real life. Maybe you have a feeling that something bad will happen in real life to a girl close to you ( a relative, a friend).

It is possible that you are concerned for the current condition of your relationship with a little girl in your family (your nephew, your little cousin) or maybe your best friend’s daughter.

In some dreams I have studied, I have found that the snake represents our bad traits or flaws which may be impacting negatively on our dear ones. For example, there are some scenarios in real life where we can be very bossy or annoying to others, specially the little ones.

Dream of a snake biting a girl shows your worries about something fragile and vulnerable in life

Dreaming that a snake or viper bites a little girl can symbolize harmful traits or feelings in you which can be negatively affecting a new situation, project or relationship in your awake life.

It can also reveal the presence of harmful influences in your life which really have the potential to harm something that you’re starting or building in your wake life, something that is vulnerable and needs protection and care, such as a romantic relationship, a good friendship, business project or something similar.

Dream of a viper attacking a little girl means you feel emotional weak and vulnerable

In some cases, the girl-character is just a projection of one aspects of your inner world. For example, if the girl cannot defend herself during the interaction with the snake, perhaps is is you who is not able to protect yourself from certain person or from a hostil situation in real life. In other words, the girl attacked by the snake could be embodying your current emotional state.

Pay attention to this interpretation if you feel vulnerable, helpless or restricted as a young girl.

Similarly, it is also possible that the girl could be the embodiment of your sensitive or compassionate side, which is been hurt or challenged for a current situation in real life.

The girl in your dream could represent naivety

Finally, a last interpretation indicate that this dream may be expressing your personal discomfort coming from an excessive trust in a person or in a project. According to this reading, the girl is a character who symbolizes naivety or blind trust.

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Dream that snake bites a girl and I killed it

If in your dream the reptil biting the girl is finally killed, that could open a bunch of interpretations. One of them says that you are dealing with a very tough situation in real life, a problem or an individual you hate or despised.

See the full content in dream meanings of killing snakes.

Dream that a black snake attacks a girl

The color of the snake says a lot of the magnitude and nature of the dreamer’s fears she is dealing with. See dream meanings of snake by its color of skin, where you will find interpretations for: black, red, yellow, brown and green snakes, and many more colors combinations (red and black, for example).

Dream that snake bites a girl in the house

The section of the house says a lot about the real meaning of the dream. It is not the same scenario if the snake attacks the girl in the bathroom or in the bedroom, there are different interpretations depending on where the action is taking place during the dream.

For that reason, read dream meaning of snake in the house ( interpretations goes from bedroom to window).

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