Dream meaning snake bites girl


It may revealing personal mistakes due to naivety.
You may be feeling emotionally vulnerable.

This dream may be revealing your worries and concerns in real life. Maybe you have a feeling that something bad will happen in real life to a girl close to you ( a relative, a friend )

Dreaming that a snake or viper bites a little girl can symbolize harmful traits or feelings in you which can be negatively affecting a new situation, project or relationship in your awake life.

It can also reveal the presence of harmful influences in your life which really have the potential to harm something that you’re starting in your wake life, it is vulnerable and need protection and care, such as a relationship, a business project or something similar.

In some cases, the girl attacked by the snake could be embodying your current emotional state. Pay attention to this interpretation, if you feel vulnerable, helpless or restricted as a young girl.

Finally, a last interpretation indicate that this dream may be expressing your personal discomfort coming from an excessive trust in a person or in a project. In this line of interpretation, the girl is a character who symbolizes naivety or blind trust.

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