Dream meaning snake bites my fingers

This dream expresses recent frustrations or resentments
Express your concern about sensitive personal issues


A dream with a snake’s bite on your fingers can reveal that you may been showing anxiety regarding your personal skills, and also your physical and mental competencies.

This dream can reveal impotence or frustration due to inability to handle specific tasks or objectives in your wake life.

Dreaming that snakes, vipers, or snakes bite your fingers can also point out your growing discomfort and concern of not being able to act properly before challenging situations in your daily life.

In some cases, this dream may refer to a situation in which the dreamer feels that she is not being careful enough when dealing with very delicate matters. A snake that bites your fingers can be the unconscious way of communicating a “lack of social tact” or lack of sensitivity to the emotions of others, absence of common sense and social intelligence to reconcile conflicting parties.

In some cases, a finger bitten by a snake means that your unconscious mind is warning you to not address a question or problem you are facing. Indeed, this would be the unique way your mind is telling you: “you shouldn’t touch it”.

Dream of snake biting my index finger

Projects your doubts about your professional or personal skills.

Dreaming that a snake bites you on the index finger means that you have the sense of not being taken into account for the important decisions in your life. It’s possible that you’re emotionally hurt because you’ve been offended or disrespected.

This dream may just show your impression of having been the object of injustice or unfairness. Indeed, it is likely that you currently experiencing discomfort or apprehension at realizing that others do not respect your authority, social position or feelings.

Another interpretation indicates that a snake biting your index finger expresses your doubts or limitations in regard to your professional or social skills.

In some cases, this dream can indicate that you are feeling remorse or self-disappointment for having fingered someone in your wake life.


Dream of snake biting my pinky finger

It means issues with perceived flaws in your personality .

This dream expresses your fears of being hurt in your most vulnerable or sensitive aspects of your personality. You may be afraid that your weaknesses will be exposed to other people. Maybe you’re scared of being put in ridicule, or being exposed or mocked because of your bad habits, limitations, defects or shortcomings.

In some cases, dreaming that a snake bites you in the pinky finger reveals your loss of confidence in a close person, family member or institution.

Dream of snake biting my thumb

This dream is expressing a serious hurt to your ability to maintain stability in your personal relationships.

Dreaming that a snake bites your thumb reveals your worries about not being able to maintain control or stability in your relationships. Maybe you are admitting that you are having some difficulties to protect yourself from hostile changes in your lifestyle or personal relationships.

The thumb is usually the symbol of the control of your personal affairs. A snake biting you on the thumb would indicate your anxiety or concern that something or someone escapes your control or direction.

picture by B. DUPONT via Flicker / CC-BY