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Snake in toilet Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of Snake in a toilet?

Dream of snakes in a toilet means you are having issues with things that you want to remove from life, such as, a toxic relationship, an illness, bad memories or perturbing fears.

It is possible you scared of having to face the unsettling consequences of something bad from your past.

If you find it hard to eliminate the reptile, then the dream may be uncovering your discomfort or frustration because you realize that solving your problems will unleash intense emotions and passions on you or others.

Toilets are associated with privacy. Seeing a snake in a toilet can suggest that your are having trouble with your own personal businesses, maybe you are afraid of a secret to be exposed to other people.

In some cases, I have noticed that usually this dream shows that something nasty has been dumped on you:maybe a friend of you dumps all her troubles on you, or you have to deal with an unpleasant family duty none else has to take. Perhaps, you are being hit by harsh comments, personal insults, etc.

Take into consideration that maybe your mind is a mess, loaded with al kind of negative or toxic feeling and idea. Perhaps you want to take a personal revenge against someone.

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